How long does weed stay in your system?

Are the thoughts of failing in a drug test at your office constantly hovering over your mind? Well, then it’s time you get the answer to the question which is running across your mind which is, “How long are traces of weed or marijuana available in one’s body or biological system? Now, there is no straight cut answer to this and a lot of researchers have a lot of different answers to this one question. For instance, a study conducted in the year of 1989 drove home the fact that at a sensitivity of 20ng/ml, the traces of weed or cannabis could be available for a stretch of 25 days.

Similarly, there are other experts like a renowned professor from Johns Hopkins University named Ryan Vandrey who is of the notion that traces of marijuana could be found in your system for a period of 30 days as well depending on the usage patterns and frequency. There are a number of tests that are done to decipher whether one tests positive for drugs or not. Most commonly, it is the urine test that puts the final nail on the coffin when it comes to confirmation of the presence of a drug in one’s body. However, there are other tests done as well which takes in account other DNA factors like hair, sweat, blood, finger nails, breath etc.

Now some of the studies point towards the fact that if you are an incessant smoker of weed and you have weed baked into your daily routine then the traces could be available for a span of over forty five days and this could even increase up to sixty or more days depending on the amount or quantity of weed you smoke. Alternatively, if you are smoker of weed who gets high on weed only five to six times in a week, then you could be tested positive for drugs till a month or even up to forty days. Likewise, if you have a moderate usage and smoke weed or marijuana around a couple of times or maximum four times a week then the traces of the weed can be found in your urine till eleven days and could extend up to eighteen days as well. The commonly known fact is that on one’s first encounter with weed or marijuana, the traces of the cannabis could stay for a span of five to eight days.

Therefore, whenever you are about to get high on weed, ensure that you give enough time to your body to do away with the traces before you go in for a drug test.

What is Rosin and Marijuana

  • In the botanical world, there are several mysterious plants and herbs available, which can be effective in developing quality medicines used for treating many chronic diseases and mental disorders in human. For instance, Rosin and Marijuana are two vital plant extracts having different plant origins and are useful in vital heat exchanging processes and drug making mechanisms. Both are generated from the plants and have their own significance to know

    Let’s explore in brief about Rosin and Marijuana as follows:

    What is Rosin?

    Rosin is a plant extract obtained from pines, confiners and other plants. It is also termed as Colophony or Greek pitch. Roshin is developed by heating fresh liquid and follows pressure and heat exchange process. It’s a non solvent based component and uses only heat and pressure. The rosin does not require any external substance and comes in black or yellow color. It uses mechanical process including heat and pressure to generate resin from the plants.

     Advantages of Rosin

    • No need of solvent to use rosin
    • It uses only heat and pressure
    • Easy to clean
    • Follows mechanical extraction process

      Rosin and Marijuana

    Applications of Rosin

    • Due to its rigidness, rosin is used as a hair straightener
    • To build heat resistant gloves and tools
    • Used in parchment paper
    • Used in making heat pressing sheets


    Marijuana comes from Indian hemp plant and lies in flower’s buds, leaves and in stem of the plant.  It comes in green, brown or grey in colors. Marijuana is used in making drugs and other smoking products. It has toxic substances which can effect badly on human brain. However, Marijuana utilizes in making cigarettes, alchole, cigars, and other smoking items.

    Marijuana is a drug that is not safe for human brain and has toxic effect. Most of the people use it as a drug and inhale its smoke inside by burning its leaves and take its smoke inside. The side-effects of using Marijuana can be chronic for human brain, lungs and whole body.

    By using Marijuana in excess, it may lead the mental disability in a human and sometimes gets critical for lives. The toxic effect of it is always harmful and makes one habitual of that. So, it is recommended not to use it much, take it as less as fun only.

Marijuana A Reliable Remedy for Migraines

Marijuana A Reliable Remedy for Migraines or Headaches

Migraines or headaches, the most common and frequent illness caused by stress, fatigue or over absorption in hectic work, often creates trouble for an individual hindering his/her daily activities and progress. Despite the invention of several potent drugs and treatment techniques to cure this ailment, the modern and advanced medical science has failed to cure the patients completely of migraine and other mild headaches. However, during the late 1800s marijuana was discovered by the doctors as an effective remedy to cure migraine and other types of headaches. Due to its natural remedial attributes, marijuana has since been used as a medicine against this common illness.

Marijuana or cannabis strains aid in curing and relieving migraine and other mild forms of headaches in various ways as stated below:

  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or the Cannabis Sativa, containing more than 400 chemicals, help in reducing headaches and the pain caused by migraine by effectively working on the receptor cells found in the brain and nervous system, thus providing immediate relief to the sufferer.
  • Marinol pills are also used to cure migraine. These pills, though invented recently, have frequently been used by the doctors and therapists to relieve their patients of this disease. Since Marinol does not make the user high, sleepy or dizzy like other drugs and medicines, it is preferred by many patients suffering from migraine.
  • Smoking cannabis or marijuana is also helpful in getting rid of migraine and headaches. It gives instant relief to the sufferers by relieving their stress and anxiety. Smoking cannabis, after the first attack of migraine, not only helps in reducing the pain caused by migraine or headache but also proves to be a potent cure for the illness.

Marijuana is considered to be the most reliable remedy for migraines and other kinds of headaches due to its efficiency in curing the illness. A recent study conducted at the University of Colorado by Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences reported that 19.8% of patients considered marijuana an effective remedy for migraine and headaches while 85% of people stated that they suffered from fewer migraine attacks after using marijuana regularly. It is the very reason that marijuana is prescribed by various doctors, therapists and psychologists as an effective remedy for migraines or headaches.