Sanjay Gupta changed his mind on marijuana

Marijuana– a debatable topic indeed. Yes, marijuana or cannabis or commonly known as weed has a lot of myth associated with it. It is a banned substance in many places and mainly in countries like United States, however, there are a number of important and vital utilities and benefits that it has which needs to see the light of the day for one and all to know about it. It is at this juncture that one should definitely consider the case of a renowned CNN Medical Correspondent known as Mr. Sanjay Gupta who is a completely changed man when it comes to his perception of “Marijuana”.

Sanjay like many others was under the impression that it is a “Schedule 1 substance” as graded by the Drug Enforcement Agency, therefore, making it a strict “No – No” for everyone. Sanjay was the one who in 2009 ensured that he drove home the fact that every individual should stay away from “Marijuana” by writing an article for Time Magazine which was named “Why would I vote no on pot?”. However, the recent scientific invasions into the domain of research which makes one understand the number of definitive and straight cut benefits that marijuana can bring in to one’s life.

Now let us now talk about some of the “Case In Point” situations which made Sanjay change his perception and attitude towards marijuana

  • He met a lady in Colorado named Charlotte Figiwho was a patient of acute seizures, nearly having around 300 seizures a week as she was suffering from it right from birth and the problem was at an acute stage by the time she reached the age of 3. However, it was the use of medical marijuana that provided solace to her and made things good for her as her seizures had come down to only 2 or 3 in a month.
  • Similarly, he had met a number of other patients who were suffering from awful conditions of Alzheimer’s or epilepsy which were at pretty acute stages, when he witnessed them seeing a lot of relief due to the usage of medical marijuana.

Therefore, he has done a lot of research and has met up with many people who have had a first-hand experience in witnessing the benefits of marijuana. Marijuana or cannabis or weed is known to be used widely today for medicinal purposes as it is one of the most vital ingredients when it comes to treating depression or post stress traumatic syndrome.