What is Rosin and Marijuana

  • In the botanical world, there are several mysterious plants and herbs available, which can be effective in developing quality medicines used for treating many chronic diseases and mental disorders in human. For instance, Rosin and Marijuana are two vital plant extracts having different plant origins and are useful in vital heat exchanging processes and drug making mechanisms. Both are generated from the plants and have their own significance to know

    Let’s explore in brief about Rosin and Marijuana as follows:

    What is Rosin?

    Rosin is a plant extract obtained from pines, confiners and other plants. It is also termed as Colophony or Greek pitch. Roshin is developed by heating fresh liquid and follows pressure and heat exchange process. It’s a non solvent based component and uses only heat and pressure. The rosin does not require any external substance and comes in black or yellow color. It uses mechanical process including heat and pressure to generate resin from the plants.

     Advantages of Rosin

    • No need of solvent to use rosin
    • It uses only heat and pressure
    • Easy to clean
    • Follows mechanical extraction process

      Rosin and Marijuana

    Applications of Rosin

    • Due to its rigidness, rosin is used as a hair straightener
    • To build heat resistant gloves and tools
    • Used in parchment paper
    • Used in making heat pressing sheets


    Marijuana comes from Indian hemp plant and lies in flower’s buds, leaves and in stem of the plant.  It comes in green, brown or grey in colors. Marijuana is used in making drugs and other smoking products. It has toxic substances which can effect badly on human brain. However, Marijuana utilizes in making cigarettes, alchole, cigars, and other smoking items.

    Marijuana is a drug that is not safe for human brain and has toxic effect. Most of the people use it as a drug and inhale its smoke inside by burning its leaves and take its smoke inside. The side-effects of using Marijuana can be chronic for human brain, lungs and whole body.

    By using Marijuana in excess, it may lead the mental disability in a human and sometimes gets critical for lives. The toxic effect of it is always harmful and makes one habitual of that. So, it is recommended not to use it much, take it as less as fun only.