PTSD for veterans and marijuana

One thing which is definitely a widely accepted fact is the stress levels that the veterans had to work with. Yes! The veterans undergo a lot of stress while they are on their mission of safeguarding their country with a one minded focus. It is this constant stress that is lurking over them which moves them into a zone where they experience acute PSTD or Post Stress Traumatic Disorder. The symptoms of PSTD could vary and could range from bouts of alcoholism to losing temper at the slightest pretext to becoming violent at the slightest pretext of disagreement etc.

Years of research have gone into deriving a medicine which could deal with or treat PSTD effectively in veterans. However, not much of success has been met. What transpired in recent times is that a study is underway where medical marijuana or medical cannabis can go a long way in treating the symptoms of PSTD. Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) located in California is conducting this study and will be doing their tests on selected veterans who are suffering from PSTD. Medical marijuana has been the talk of the town for many years. However, it has not been used effectively for the want of favorable laws which could ease the usage and functionality of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana is often time not brought to the limelight just for the common myth of abuse and misuse that is associated with the word marijuana or weed. However, the medical applications of marijuana are by and large unknown. It is this ignorance that has led to lesser usage of medical cannabis. However, the good news is with more awareness the different beneficial attributes of marijuana are coming to the fore and it will be the future of PSTD treatment in veterans.

Medical marijuana has the innate quality of providing relief to anxiety and panic like situations thereby playing a critical role in alleviating the symptoms of Post Stress Traumatic Disorder or PSTD. The medical weed helps in controlling the mood swings and thus aids in bringing in the much needed stability into the lives of the veterans who had been suffering from PSTD mainly after their traumatic as well as stressful war situations.

With the progress that is being made in the studies of the applications of marijuana for medicinal benefits, the day is not far behind when cannabis or weed will form a major component of medicines to treat symptoms of depression and stress so that people can lead a much contented and happier life.