Sour Apple Outdoor

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Strain Name: Sour Apple Outdoor
Grade: 4/5 – Tasty Strain great effects for outdoor
Type: Hybrid – Indica
Smell: Diesel, Apple
Taste: Smooth, Tingley on taste-buds
Effects: Uplifting, Relaxed Happy, Giggly
Good For: Stress, Depression, Anxiety
Potency: Strong

Sour Apple Outdoor hybrid strain of crossing Sour Diesel with Cinderella 99. Sour Apple is highly potent and tastes great.  Sour Apple is excellent after a long day at work or on a lazy weekend. This is a great strain to relieve symptoms associated with stress and pain.


1 gram, 4 grams, 8 grams, 14 grams, 28 grams