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AbsoluteXtracts SuperCritical Vapor Oil Cartridge



AbsoluteXtracts SuperCritical
Premium distillate oil made with sun-grown cannabis and and Lagunitas hops blends

It started with an idea. A really, really good idea.
What if we combined two of the greatest things to ever come out of California to make a NEW greatest thing?
So, we partnered with our neighbor, and world famous beer crafter, Lagunitas Brewing Company to bring you the first ever craft cannabis and hops vape cartridges.

Think “Hoppy, IPA-style”
The relaxing and sedative effects are popular amongst beer-enthusiasts due to the overtly dank IPA-esque qualities.

Think “Crisp, citrusy ale”
Uplifting and mentally stimulating. Popular amongst cannabis-enthusiasts due to its fruity, effervescent aroma and taste.
THC 81.1%


Hops Cannon – Sativa 500mg, Steroterpical – Indica 500mg