Some differences between Sativa and Indica cannabis strains

Some differences between Sativa and Indica weed

How does Sativa and Indica marijuana differ in effects?

The two major categories of marijuana strains are they are Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Cannabis Indica has a tendency to have a heavy, sedative effect. It leaves the smoker’s body feeling dazed and relaxed. This type of high makes you feel glued to the couch, gaming out on PlayStation type of day. Cannabis Sativa leaves a user feeling energized, motivated, and is much more than having a head high. People like smoking sativa-dominant marijuana strains during the day. Both of these major cannabis species, indica and sativa, can leave a marijuana consumer in a great mood along with some of the medicinal benefits that weed can provide people..


What are the five major differences between Sativa and Indica cannabis strains?

There are five major differences in comparing Indica and Sativa marijuana strains. When comparing cannabis indicas and cannabis sativas, there are five varying factors: 1) size, 2) effect, 3) flavor, 4) flowing period, and 5) yield. These cannabis characteristics are highly dependent on the strain of marijuana that a grower is growing. There can also be hybrid cannabis strains which is a mix of both indica-dominant and sativa-dominant strains in one weed plant. A hybrid marijuana strain leaves a user feeling the mixed effects between a sativa and indica strain.

Sativa strains generally grow taller than cannabis indica strains. Generally, a Cannabis Sativa plant grows anywhere from six feet and up whereas Cannabis Indicas tend to be bushier and closer to three feet. Indica plants will be shorter and bushier while Sativa plants are long and twill stretch towards the light. The effects of both marijuana species are potent as THC is produced when weed plants that are grown in ideal conditions with the right nutrients amount of nutrients at the right time. Sativa-dominant cannabis strains can leave a user feeling more energetic, which is a great option for usage during the day.

Different cannabis strains can vary within their own major species of sativas and indicas. Both cannabis species can give different but wonderful type of euphoria effects. Indicas are a wonderful quality strain when the user is seeking a night time and calming kind of high. All of the cannabis strains tend to give a user a universal effect that tends to be heavy and sedative. The marijuana user is left feeling numb and relaxed, a unique feeling.

What are Cannabis hybrid strains?

The flavors of both indica and sativa cannabis strains can create a wonderful mix, known as a hybrid. Hybrids are a cannabis species that contain the best of both cannabis species. They are created by hybridizing both sativa and indica cannabis plants during breeding. Sativa-dominant marijuana strains tend to have incredible floral aroma which you will taste the effects when exhaling the smoke. Indica-dominant strains will tend to have a fruity exotic sweet flavor.

What is Kush and why is it a popular marijuana strain?

There is a category of the cannabis plant called Kush. Kush marijuana is popularly sought after because they have such a flavorful taste. It is usually pretty strong in terms of THC ratio. The Kush cannabis strains is actually a subset of Cannabis Indicas. Kush is very popular for producing many other marijuana strains for their high THC content. Kush is a type of Cannabis Indica plants that originated from the Kush Hindu mountain region; hence, the name.

What is the difference when growing between Sativa and Indica?

When growing cannabis indoors, it is important to know the between sativa and indica flowering periods. Sativas will take a long time to finish growing to produce their marijuana buds. The Sativa Cannabis strain plants can flower for as long as twelve weeks. Indicas tend to be done growing between eight and ten weeks. The final stage of flowering for marijuana plants lasts about two to three weeks. This is where cannabis growers get the yield of the buds that contain the most THC. In general, Sativas tend to have a higher yield than Indicas. The Indica Cannabis plants will have dense, tight nugs. Sativa strains such as Sour Diesel will be a taller and longer type of cannabis buds. All species of marijuana are capable of producing a large yield if you make the weed plants happy. That means keeping growing conditions ideal. Enjoy smoking some dank marijuana and try some of the awesome kush marijuana strains that can be found here!